She – Written by Sheila J.

She views herself. She views beyond the physical aspect. She is surpassing the perception of the eyes.

Within, she views.

At first she sees her mistakes, regrets and past pain. If she looks deep enough she can feel the cuts of stitched wounds. But she does not let them reopen. She does not let them define her.

They have taught her lessons. And now she is strong.

She will not let elapsed memories and prior miscalculations consume her. She is not bitter. She is not distressed.

Love for oneself has absorbed her heart. And any frozen components have deteriorated. Her spirit is warm. Confidence flourishes through her veins.

There are no doubts.

And when she loves again she will do so as if it is new. As if she has never experienced torment. She will forget that once she’d been accustomed to such pain.

She will stop making excuses and making others endure in hurt that should by now be forgotten.

She will let go. She will be at her best.

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