Crocodile Lounge – Wicker Park

A good time on Wednesday night!


Last night was my first night experiencing “The Croc.” For a Wednesday night I’d have to say this place beyond succeeded my expectations.

The scenery is a mix of industrial and modern design. There’s also partial brick walls and the common fluorescent lighting. This place is lit perfectly. Not too dark but dem enough to make anyone look good after you’ve had a drink or two.

There’s a pizza kitchen towards the back right corner. Amazingly you can get free pizza on Wednesdays! All you have to do is ask for a pizza receipt ANYTIME you buy a drink and a small personal pan is all yours. There’s four small slices per pizza. Also, there’s no limit to how many you can get. Buy a drink, get a pizza. <- a drunk man's dream!(or woman) You'll need a pizza after drinking a Blue Bomber Absolute Citron and Lemonade fishbowl. I stayed clear of those but I'm sure they helped some lonely guy get some action last night. When you aren't stuffing your face or downing a bowl of blue liquid there's no reason not to dance. The music selection was excellent. The DJ mostly played Old School Hip Hop and R&B, with a few new songs thrown in here and there. All night I was having "This is my shit" moments because I hadn't heard some songs in years. Yes, it was that kind of party. The swarm of people was a mixture of all races. I couldn't say that one out populated the other. It was a fun crowd. Hipster Heaven!!! I met a lot of interesting characters to say the least. I only have ONE negative thing to say about Crocodile Lounge. The wait for the bathroom is insane! There is only one stall for girls and one for guys. We had to be in line for at least 40 minutes! I would have snuck and went into the guys bathroom but their line was just as long! Next time I will plan to find a nearby spot to go to when my bladder is on overload. Possibly wear some Depends or put in a catheter. Regardless of the bathroom cons, going back to this place is a must!

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