Throwback Thursday – Written by Sheila J.

Memories of you on a Friday,

and I want to take it back

Back to the day before,

plus a few years to be exact

When you were in my presence,

secretly wanting you in the worst way

Reminiscing about your smile,

you’re my Throwback Thursday

Searching for a time machine,

to visit that place in my mind

Young and free

yes, I want to rewind

To that time of the week,

when the nightlife was thirsty

Admiring you from a far,

missing my Throwback Thursday

The present is good,

but the past was the best

And I admit I can’t seem,

to put these thoughts of you to rest

Wishing for you,

like it’s my birthday

I want to turn back the clock,

reverse to my Throwback Thursday




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