Orphan Black

One of my new favorite shows


Orphan Black stars Canadian Actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays Sarah, a street smart con artist who’s on the run from her drug dealer boyfriend. At the start of the first episode we find Sarah watching a woman, who looks identical to her, jump in front of a city train to commit suicide. Sarah not only takes her purse, but ends up taking the look-alike woman’s identity. While pretending to be Beth, her dead duplicate, she learns that she doesn’t just have one person that looks like her, there are others.


Usually I don’t like shows or movies where an actor/actress plays multiple characters but Tatiana is very talented. While watching this show (currently up to episode 6) I have never felt like her characters are portrayed by the same person. Instead, each character feels like an individual actress is depicting them.

Watch Orphan Black on the British network BBC America

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