Shameless – U.S. version

I love shows with no censors


If you don’t have Showtime, you should consider getting it. They always make great T.V series such as Weeds and Dexter. I fell in love with one of their new shows, “Shameless.”

The original version of this show of course started in the United Kingdom. However, I tried to watch the U.K. version on Netflix but wasn’t that thrilled with it. I liked the actors better in the American version. (which is unusual for me)

The comedy/drama is centered on a group of six siblings that live in rough neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Their mother abandoned them and their father is an alcoholic/drug addict that causes more problems than solutions to their poverty.

The eldest sibling Fiona, played my Emily Rossum, (The Day After Tomorrow, Phantom of the Opera, Beautiful Creatures) keeps the household together and plays the mother figure at the mere age of 21.

The family goes through relatable problems that aren’t sugar coated normal television series bullshit. The siblings survive by scheming, thieving and doing anything they can to get by without parental guidance.

They also are close with their nymphomaniac neighbors Kevin and Veronica. These two characters play a big role on the show as well.

Shameless definitely goes into my top five series.

Click here for the Season 1 promo – >Shameless Promo
(Season 3 just finished airing and Season 4 should be coming later this year)

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