Power – Starz series

Power is a new hour long Starz series produced by Curtis Jackson (50 Cent). It follows the owner of an up and coming nightclub, James St. Patrick, in New York City. Beyond running his club, James is also one of the top participants in the city’s biggest drug ring. He struggles between his two businesses […]

Fresh Meat – British comedy

Another great show from the United Kingdom Fresh Meat follows a group of six college freshman who live together in a housing unit at a fictitious University in Manchester, England. They experience the unedited college experience of being away from home for the first time, being broke, sleep deprivation, sex, binge drinking, dating and dealing […]

Graceland – new USA Network series

A group of six undercover agents from different agencies (DEA, FBI and Customs) live in a California home together known as Graceland. The show centers around newbie Mike Warren who moves into the house straight out of FBI training. Mike seems to be a bit naive and lacking street smarts as the show starts off. […]

Ray Donovan (new Showtime series)

I’m absolutely obsessed with this new Showtime series. The story line is awesome and the cast is great. Liev Schreiber, who has played in so many films, plays the main character Ray. He is the go to guy in LA, working for a popular law firm, that caters to the Hollywood elite to fix their […]

I Miss You

I Miss You is a South Korean TV drama that I came across on Hulu. It took me three days to watch the whole series because it was so addicting. The story starts off following awkward fifteen year old Soo-yeon who gets made fun of at school due to the fact that her father was […]

Orphan Black

One of my new favorite shows Orphan Black stars Canadian Actress Tatiana Maslany, who plays Sarah, a street smart con artist who’s on the run from her drug dealer boyfriend. At the start of the first episode we find Sarah watching a woman, who looks identical to her, jump in front of a city train […]

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5

My fav group of the RHW franchise My fav Italian ladies are returning June 2 on the Bravo channel for their fifth season of the Real Housewives series. My DVR will be set and ready to record all the drama each week. I’m wondering from how last season ended how much more Teresa Giudice can […]

Dexter – Season 8 (final season)

Say it isn’t so.. One of my favorite Showtime Series, Dexter, is coming to an end with its final season airing this summer. (June 30th) Dexter is about a blood splatter expert who works for the Miami Police Department. Besides working for the police he hides a dark secret as being a serial killer. It’s […]