Awake In Your Dreams – Written by Sheila J.

  Awake and I’m restless… after I’ve turned off the lights Must be awake in your dreams… when I can’t sleep at night Subconscious thoughts of me projecting… went to bed with me on your mind Yet my eyes are wide open… slumber, I can’t seem to find Because I’m awake and I’m restless… when […]

In the Morning – Written by Sheila J.

In the morning… let’s wake up, let’s start over again Forget all that we’ve done, up until yesterday’s end In the morning… let’s wake up, open our blinds to something new Take in our surroundings, embrace what’s in our view In the morning… let’s wake up, get ready to take on this life Accept failure […]

Night Train – Written by Sheila J.

   Last call… We’re headed to the sky scrapers… under the city lights  Anticipation building up… as we board this train tonight  — With no worries… we’re leaving all the stress behind  And once those doors close… we’ll be escaping from our daily grind — We’ll have no cares… no inhibitions during this time  Wrong […]