Winding Road – Written by Sheila J.

  I’m wandering… on this winding road Aimlessly walking in the darkness, searching for my soul Weight on my shoulders, this life has taken a toll because I’m wandering… on this winding road I’m wandering… on this winding road Can’t seem to find my balance, I’m stumbling out of control Trying to pull myself together, […]

Temperatures – Written by Sheila J.

Hot as hell, but still cold as fuck.. Didn’t see it coming, when those feelings struck Heart is in a bind, now you’re stuck And they’re as hell, but still cold as fuck Hot as hell, but still cold as fuck.. This love you found, seems far from luck Impact so hard, feels like you’ve been […]

Unintentional – Written by Sheila J.

Unintentional… yeah, sure Told that lie… before Pretending the interest is… more Unintentional… ass Intentions to move… fast No intent for anything to… last Unintentional… ass Unintentional… the perfect cover But there will always be… another Single with plural… a manipulative lover Unintentional… ass Not intent for feelings to… surpass Intentionally putting everyone… last Unintentional ass […]

Nights – Written by Sheila J.

When the day is over… when darkness takes over the light I’m consumed with thoughts of you… all through the night Head on my pillow… wishing you were here Can’t help but to wonder… if you wish that I was near Sheets covering my body… reminiscing about the way you kiss Wondering if you’re awake… […]

Ceilings – Written by Sheila J.

  I’m bursting through, feet are levitating above the ground Inhaling and high off of you, don’t want to come down I’m bursting through these ceilings, elevating into the air Addicted to this feeling, because you take me there Can’t be confined, these ceilings can’t hold me in Thoughts of you on my mind, and […]

The Winter Wind Blows – Written by Sheila J.

  Empty bottles… surrounding your bed All their contents… gone straight to your head Probably best… to put the phone down Your words won’t… bring me back around Sometimes… the winter wind blows And sometimes… a person can only be cold Sorry to break… your vulnerable heart You have to get use… to us being apart […]

Villain – Written by Sheila J.

  I use to be a good guy, a stand up citizen to know Always choosing right as a good guy, but that was sometime ago I use to be a good guy, until justice did me wrong Didn’t pay to be a good guy, destined for darkness all along I use to be a […]

Witch – Written by Sheila J.

  There’s nothing you can do, I’ve captured your soul Bound you with enchantment, you’re no longer in control… Of your thoughts and your actions, for me, you fell… In what you thought was love, captured you with my spell Influencing you with my words, dominating you with this power Your spirit fuels my strength, […]