Head – Written by Sheila J.

Tell me, what do you do at night? Do you close your eyes and think about me like I know you do… Consumed with thoughts of my soul, not there, but I’m still in control and you can’t take it No matter what you say I’m in your head each and every day and you’re […]

Habit – Written by Sheila J.

I’m addicted to you, oh yeah, it’s amazing But I’m conflicted with you, has me hesitating Because I know this isn’t, more than infatuation But you have me distracted, loss of concentration I wouldn’t say love, but a sick admiration And when we’re together, there’s lack of conversation Wrapped up in what’s physical, yeah, my […]

Pushing Daisies – Written by Sheila J.

I don’t have the energy… if I entertain it, I’m probably not sober No need to take me seriously, the softer side… is over Forget love… it’s dead…love When you come over, don’t expect love 6 feet underground… it’s dead…love Numbness coats my heart… warm touches, won’t reach my soul Put on your extra layers, […]

The Call – Written by Sheila J.

            Somehow it’s become too much, somehow we’ve gotten too deep Straying away from the arrangement, we were originally out to seek Look at us now, the vision is unclear We’ve wandered into a place, where we’re susceptible to fear Mentally exhausted… trying to fight it fight you fight this Want […]

Leftovers – Written by Sheila J.

Only these memories… connect me to you Out of sight, but in my mind… existing in a place out of view Disheveled recollections… of all that we went through The dark skies and rainy eyes… the beauty of when we were new Flashbacks of the past… are all that’s left to hold onto Familiarity pulling me […]