Adler – Final Part

allein zu sein This is what other people did. People who loved. People who felt. It was now sunrise and I had yet to kick her out of my bed. She’d slept over and I didn’t want her to leave. The sun’s light beamed through my bedroom window, lighting up her entire body, as she […]

Adler – Part 7

Gefühle It was rare that I used my tongue when I kissed. The human mouth is a dirty place and most of the women I’d encountered were even dirtier. But I ran my tongue over her bottom lip. I massaged her tongue with mine. I kissed her like I never kissed any woman in my […]

Adler – Part 6

psychisch beschädigt I drank a glass of orange juice and Tanqueray as I peered out of my kitchen window. This was the third time I’d noticed a silver F30 Sedan with New Jersey plates parked outside my building. Someone was watching me. The first day I noticed it I was on my way home from […]

Adler – Part 5

Ein weiterer Tag der Arbeit It wasn’t the first time I saw someone do disappearing acts with white powder. She leaned her face against the glass mirror and like magic the line vanished. She smiled at me, her grin displaying a “ta-da”. “Want some?” she asked in a thick European accent. I shook my head. “Sorry I […]

Adler – Part 4

die Schwestern Fuck. I was irritated as shit. After contemplating for over an hour I finally came up with a solution for the miscellaneous bodies that resided in my apartment. Frozen chicken breast, ground beef and various freezer burned items filled my garbage can. I had emptied out my deep freezer. I turned the temperature […]

Adler – Part 3

Meine Mutter, Mein Retter I gazed at those blue eyes of hers. The fibrous tissue in her iris was unable to contract with the light. No animation was left in her cells. It was clear she’d been dead for a few hours now. The pigment of her skin had blotches of purple. Blood had settled […]

Adler – Part 2

Der Sohn meines Vaters Where the fuck are my head phones? I scrambled through the drawer of my night stand. Could have sworn I put them back from the night before. Fuck. I covered my ears as his moans echoed through the walls of our three level home. I rocked back and forth on the […]

Adler – Part 1

Einführung My vision was blurry as I leaned against my bedroom wall. There was so much alcohol running through my veins I barely could put my under wear back on. I squinted at her. It was hard telling if I had brought home a ten or a five. Couldn’t make out her face but that […]